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INERTANCE is the engineering company specialized for Sound, Rotor dynamics including lateral vibration & torsional analysis, Pulsation study, acoustic induced & flow induced vibration (AIV & FIV), Surge analysis (water hammer).

Sound and Vibration

INERTANCE can perform Sound analysis such as environmental & industrial assessment, noise control design, survey, etc. Sound map includes the steady state condition as well as emergency case, and noise control design includes the barrier, attenuator, silencer, louver, insulation, etc.

In addition, Indoor noise assessment can be carried out for HVAC system. Spring mount and rubber mount have been designed for HVAC sound controls.


Rotor Dynamics and Surge

INERTANCE can perform the rotor dynamic analysis in accordance with related API standards. Lateral and torsional analysis can be performed for turbo machinery equipments such as horizontal and vertical pump, centrifugal compressor, integrally geared compressor, steam and gas turbine, reciprocating compressor, etc.

In addition, the surge analysis (water hammer) can be performed for long pipe line as well as network pipe system such as cooling water and fire water ring main. Based on steady state condition, the transient analysis is performed to estimate the surge pressure by valve operation and pump parallel operation, etc.

Below chart shows the structure for INERTANCE’s organization with related parts and positions.

Vibration, Dynamics, Pulsation, Acoustic, Surge
Vibration, Dynamics, Pulsation, Acoustic, Surge

Acoustic and Pulsation

INERTANCE can perform Acoustic induced vibration (AIV) and Flow induced vibration (FIV) for piping system. These analysis can be performed in accordance with Energy Institute Guideline.

Piping Vibration Study
Piping Vibration Study

In addition, the pulsation study as per API 618, 674 has been carried out including acoustic analysis and mechanical analysis. Design approach can be performed for reciprocating pump and reciprocating compressor, etc.

INERTANCE’s experts are familiar with assessment of related sound study as mentioned in above. For further information, contact us at (mountain@inertance.com).

INERTANCE’s related service include;