dB(A) calculator

Hits: 23179dB Calculator (add dB, dB(A)) INERTANCE share the sound calculator (dB calculator). This calculator includes 1/1 octave band frequency, noise level summation (Add dB / dB plus), dB(A) (dBA), etc. Client can understand how to use this calculator. How to use for Sound calculator Input 1/1 octave band frequency data in Decibel unit (Not A-weighting). Press ‘Tab’ on keyboard to move next space. Leave empty space, if some frequency data (ex. 31.5Hz) is not available. Automatically calculate overall noise level in dB & dB(A) (dBA) units. Automatically calculate summation of noise levels up to five (5) sources. See below figure for easy understanding of dB … dB(A) calculator 계속 읽기Read More →