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Unit Conversion

INERTANCE share the unit conversion calculator for smooth engineering work related noise, vibration and pulsation design. This unti converter includes to change unit for pressure, temperature, flow rate. Specially, flow rate can be estimated very easily to volumetric as well as mass flow rate together. Client can understand how to use this calculator.

How to use for Unit converter calculator
  1. Define the process condition to calculate both flow rate unit (mass flow and volumetric flow)
  2. Pressure condition includes pressure (bara), temperature (degC), Compressibility (Z), Gas constant (8.31 kJ/(kg.mol.K)), MW, Specific heat ratio (Cp/Cv).
  3. Input the flow rate, which is available data
  4. Automatically calculate other flow rate unit including mass and volumetric flow together
Unit conversion
Unit conversion
Flow Rate Unit Conversion

This flow rate unit converter includes various kinds of unit in order to perform the related engineering analysis for pulsation & rotordynamics study, etc.

  • MMSCFD (Million Metric Standard Cubic Feet A Day)
  • SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Nm3/h (Cubic Meter per Hour at Normal Status – 0 degC, 1 atm)
  • Am3/h (Cubic Meter per Hour at Actual Status)
  • ACFM (Cubit Feet per Minute at Actual Status)
  • kg/h (Kilogram per Hour)
  • Sm3/h (Cubic Meter per Hour at Standard Status – 15 degC (60 degF), 1 atm)
  • lb/h (Pound per Hour)


Pressure Unit Converter

It is necessary to convert the pressure units from/to SI units (international standard unit) to/from US units for various engineering works. This pressure unit convertor includes bar, psi, Pa, MPa, kg/cm2, lb/ft2.


Temperature Unit Change

It is necessary to convert the temperature units from/to SI units (international standard unit) to/from US units for various engineering works. This temperature unit convertor includes degC (Centigrade, Celsius), degF (Fahrenheitd), absolute temperature (Kelvin temperature, K).


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