HVAC Noise

HVAC equipment is the major sources of noise in building, and its effects on the speech interference & noise environment in each room have to be considered properly. INERTANCE has estimated the noise effects from HVAC equipment and designed the relevant control devices as per noise & room criteria.

INERTANCE has a capability to perform below kinds of estimation for HVAC Noise.

  • Sound Attenuator & Silencer Sizing
  • Sound Chamber and Elbow
  • Duct Lagging
  • Acoustic Insulation for Plumbing Pipe
  • Indoor Noise Assessment
  • Noise Criteria (NC)
  • Room Criteria (RC)
  • Duct Break out Noise
  • Duct Break in Noise
  • Estimation for Insertion Loss
  • Acoustically Lined Rectangular Duct
  • Acoustically Lined Round Duct
  • Sound Transmission Loss

1. Duct Silencer Sizing

Airborne noise is passed through duct line of air supply/return system, and the sizing of duct silencer is the most important factor to determine the grade of noise & room criteria. INERTANCE has considered the transmission paths of noise and specification of air handling units in order to calculate the noise level in each room, and the silencer dimension has been calculated with proper air velocity as per room types.

Here, INERTANCE can show the various types of analysis as follows;


2. Noise Criteria Assessment

The background noise related HVAC has to be considered for sound quality as per each room types. INERTANCE considers many possible sound transmission paths between noise source and receivers, and has determined to conduct the noise criteria assessment with relevant control design.

Here, INERTANCE can show the various types of analysis as follows;