HVAC Vibration

Hits: 1871HVAC Vibration HVACvibration is normally generated by HVAC equipment and fluid behavior inside of ducts and pipes, which is the major source of occupant complaints in modern buildings. INERTANCE can perform the vibration study and design the sound and vibration control (ex. anti-vibration, spring mount, rubber mount) in order to minimize the vibration transmissibility from HVAC system. Vibration Analysis (Vibration Study) INERTANCE has a capability to perform below kinds of estimation for Vibration assessments. Design for Vibration Isolator Design as per Equipment Type (ex. Fan, Pump, Chiller, Cooling Tower, Duct, Pipe, etc.) Spring Mount, Rubber Mount and Pad Spring Constant and Deflection Estimation Inertial … HVAC Vibration 계속 읽기Read More →