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Company for Sound Study

INERTANCE provides the sound, noise, vibration, rotordynamics, pulsation, surge, AIV, FIV engineering engineering and field services specialized in noise and vibration matters to above wards customers, which contribute to make the comfortable work and residential place. INERTANCE is 3rd party company & consultants to provide above kinds of analysis.

3rd Party, INERTANCE, noise contour map. Sound engineering
[ Environmental Noise Contour Map ]

We has performed the sincere investigation to control the noise and vibration problem in environmental, building and industrial area. We have successfully designed and evaluated many kinds of subject in line with API, ISO, ASHRAE and any other international standards.

3rd Party, INERTANCE, sound engineering
[ Company for Sound Engineering ]

3rd Party for Acoustic Engineering

INERTANCE is a third party for sound engineering and has a wealth of experience.

  • Noise contour map
  • Industrial & environmental noise assessment
  • Noise control design
  • Noise survey
INERTANCE - rotordynamics. 3rd party, engineering
[ 3rd party for rotordynamics ]

Consultant for Vibration, AIV

We performe Acoustic induced vibration study(AIV) for pipe system, and provide the best solution to prevent the likelihood of acoustic fatigue failure caused by acoustic excitation as per Energy institute guidelines.

  • Rotor dynamics analysis
  • Lateral vibration analysis
  • Torsional vibration analysis
  • Field balancing & vibration monitoring
Vibration Controls. INERTANCE, 3rd Party
[ Company for Vibration consultant ]
3rd Party, INERTANCE, Acoustic Engineering
[ Company for Acoustic-Engineering ]

Company for Acoustic Engineering

  • Pulsation Study for Reciprocating Compressor
  • Pulsation Study for Reciprocating Pump
  • Acoustic induced vibration
  • Flow induced vibration
  • Surge analysis
FEM for Acoustic fatigue
[ Contractor for AIV ]

Sub-Contractor for Pulsation Control

We can perform the pulsation study for reciprocating equipment, and design the pulsation control devices such as low pass filter, pulsation suppression device, pipe support, orifice, pipe geometry, mechanical design, etc. against compressor vibration and pump vibration.

  • Duct silencer sizing for noise criteria
  • Isolator design

Based on professional experience and talent, Our experts are ready to offer the best solutions with necessary arrangements. For more information on INERTANCE, and how we can help Customer’s business, please contact;

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