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Industrial Noise

Industrial noise level assessment has considered the plant noise such as gas, petroleum, chemical, power plant, in which many kinds of noise sources have been applied. INERTANCE has predicted the noise levels by rotating equipment, piping system, valves based on our experience in the specialized field, and the same has been considered to the equipment arrangement via noise allocation study during initial design stage. Plant sound study includes the sound coverage study and indoor sound (indoor noise) assessment.

INERTANCE has a capability to perform below kinds of noise study.

  • Case Study for Emergency Condition
  • Worker Hearing Loss
  • Hearing Conservation Program
  • Work Area Noise Level
  • Definition for Noise Restricted Area
  • Absolute Noise Limit
  • Local Regulation of Noise
  • Industrial Noise for Plant
  • Ambient Noise Survey
  • Industrial Sound Study
  • Noise Verification Survey during Commissioning Stage
  • Analysis as per EEMUA 141

Here, INERTANCE can show the various kinds of noise simulation regarding industrial noise as follows;


Plant Noise, Plant Sound

Noise study includes getting the noise contour map& survey data in plant facilities, and defines the noise restricted area with control design, if necessary.

Industrial Noise, Industrial Sound
Industrial Noise, Industrial Sound


Indoor Noise, Indoor Sound

There are many kinds of spaces in building with own uses such as control room, office and base camp in plant facilities. Ambient noise source should be checked in initial design stage to minimize the speech interference.

Indoor Noise, Indoor Sound
Indoor Noise, Indoor Sound


Sound Coverage Study

Plant Sound
[ Plant Sound ]

The arrangement of loudspeakers is the important to share the central notification in plant work area, specially in such emergencies like fire, toxic fluid leakage, etc. INERTANCE can provide the industrial sound coverage study to predict the sound pressure level helping to design the clear alarm tones and message.

INERTANCE has a capability regarding noise and vibration engineering, and our experts are familiar with assessment of industrial noise.

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