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Noise Control

INERTANCE can design the powerful & compact noise control devices, which have been applied to various noise levels to keep the relevant noise limits (sound level). Noise reduction design includes the noise barrier, silencer & sound attenuator, acoustic louver, insulation, enclosure, sound absorption & transmission loss materials,etc.

INERTANCE has a capability to perform below kinds of noise control design.

  • Noise barrier
  • Sound Attenuator
  • Silencer
  • Stack Noise Control
  • HVAC Duct Noise Control
  • Sound Baffles
  • Noise level, Sound level study
  • Acoustic Louver
  • Noise Control & Mitigation
  • Room Criteria Assessment
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Sound Absorption
  • Noise propagation
  • Material Transmission Loss
  • Frequency Spectrum Phenomenon
  • Noise reduction device design
  • Ear Protection
  • Noise control design as per ASHRAE Handbook, etc.

Many kinds of noise reduction facilities have been designed and installed as follows;

acoustic simulation for industrial sound control
Noise control


Sound Control

Acoustic enclosures have been designed to reduce the transmitted noise to sensitive receivers, and they have to be considered with combination of isolation, absorption, damping as well as ventilation. The thickness of acoustic transmitted panels has to be constructed with the dominant frequency of noise source, which should be installed to minimize any noise leakage. Large noise enclosure shall be sometimes designed in such way so that the operating and maintenance activities can be conducted.


Noise Reduction

Silencers have been applied to reduce the room background noise transmitted via duct system from air handling units, and to provide the effective ventilation as parts of acoustic enclosure together. The section areas of splitters have to be designed carefully in order to minimize the pressure drop of fluid, and it should be noted that the high velocity inside of silencer has possibility to generate self-exciting noise.

Sound attenuator for noise reduction
Noise Reduction Device


Sound Level

Silencer and acoustic louver shall be applied to reduce noise level in all opening area. However, it is sometimes limited to apply the silencer due to its large volume space with accessibility to equipment. In this case, the application of acoustic louver should be considered with optimized sizing.

Silencer as anti-noise device
Noise Level Control


Noise Level

Insulation has to be applied on surface of pipes, valves, pumps and compressors, etc. in order to reduce of the transmitted noise. These kinds of noise sources are caused from long pipe radiating the noise, and their thickness and material density have to be carefully designed with various experiences.

Acoustic insulation for piping system
Sound Level Control, Insulation


Noise Barrier

The location and height of noise barrier has to be carefully designed according to relation of source and receiver to provide the high efficiency for noise reduction. The materials of barrier have been selected based on their insertion loss as well as environment and customer’s requests.

Noise Barrier
Noise Barrier

INERTANCE has a capability regarding noise and vibration engineering, and our experts are familiar with assessment for Noise control design.

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