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Noise Survey

INERTANCE has a capability to perform the noise survey with valid noise monitor for site noise source identification as well as soundproof design. This sound survey results will be used as back ground data for noise contour map, and the sound monitor for verification purpose will be performed after finalizing the noise allocation study with soundproof.

Site noise measurement is carried out in accordance with related ISO and EEMUA 140. These guides are helpful, where noise limits have to be set and complied with in the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries.

A free-field microphone is used for site noise measurement and the survey shall be made with sound level meters as per ANSI S1.4 Type 1. In addition, the suitable calibration has to be followed within annual basis.

Sound survey for soundproof
[ Sound survey for soundproof ]

Noise Source Tracking

The noise source tracking method using an acoustic camera is applied as a applicable method to evaluate the most contributing noise source inside a plant plant, when the high ambient noise level is existed.

  • Noise source tracking using Acoustic Camera
  • Visualiation for Major noise source via Noise contour map
  • Quantative assessment for critical noise source & location compared with ambient noise level

[ Example for pipe noise source tracking ]

Sound Survey for Soundproof

Noise survey include below kinds of activities.

  • Ambient Noise Monitoring
  • Noise Verification Survey
  • Octave band Sound Level Meter
  • Narrow frequency analysis
  • Parameters, A-Weight, dB(A), LAeq, L90, L10, Lmax, Lmin, etc.
  • Noise Research for design of soundproof
  • Sound Recording and Reproduction
  • Environmental Noise Measurement
  • Plant Noise monitoring
  • Indoor Noise Measurement
  • Day & Night time monitoring

Noise survey has been performed with below purposes.

– To measure the noise generated by outside noise source

– To perform the survey at plant boundary limits

– To check the work area noise in plant facilities

– To measure the environmental noise by road traffic and rail road

– Sound survey around residential area

noise measurement
noise measurement


Sound Monitor, Noise Monitor

The deliverable for site noise monitor are included as follows;

  • Model for sound level meter including auxiliary equipments
  • Calibration certificate
  • Drawing and related photograph, if allowed
  • Date, time and duration for each noise measurement location
  • Frequency analysis
  • Back data for design for sound proof
  • Summary and conclusion against noise regulation
  • Description of weather condition

INERTANCE has a capability regarding noise and vibration engineering, and our experts are familiar with assessment of industrial noise. 

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