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Surge Analysis, Water Hammer

INERTANCE has performed the water hammer analysis for long pipeline as well as network pipe system with various process upset conditions. This Surge study has used a computer based mathematical model of the system to calculate the Surge pressure of transient events and to design the Surge control device.

Schematic for Surge Analysis . vibration in pipe
[ Schematic for Surge Analysis ]

INERTANCE has a capability to perform below kinds of water hammer analysis.

  • Steady State Analysis
  • Case Study for Transient Analysis
  • Surge Pressure ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3
  • Water Hammer Analysis
  • Liquid Filled Piping System
  • Parallel Operation for Centrifugal Pump
  • Rapid Closure of a Valve
  • Emergency Shut Down by Power Failure, etc
  • Surge Control Measures for pipe
  • Air Chamber and Surge Tank

Surge Analysis

The surge phenomenon like water hammer describes a transient condition in piping systems caused when changing pressure or flow boundary condition, or changing operating condition of equipment such as pump and valve, etc. The surge pressure by transient condition is much higher than steady state, in which we should check if the piping design pressure is acceptable as per maximum allowable surge pressure.

Pump performance curve for Surge study
[ Pump performance curve for Surge study ]

Surge Pressure in Pipe

The pipeline is firstly modeled to analysis the steady state operating conditions for the purpose of the surge analysis. This initial study is useful to match the process condition with analysis boundary condition and input parameters.

Surge pressure in pipe by water hammer. pipeline
[ Surge pressure in pipe by water hammer ]

Surge Control

The process events have to be defined as per operating condition with reviewing the relevant documents to perform the transient analysis. As per results of transient analysis, INERTANCE has checked whether the maximum allowable surge pressure is acceptable with design pressure and international standards.

Water hammer analysis model for surge control. pipeline
[ Water hammer analysis model for surge control ]

INERTANCE has a capability regarding noise and vibration engineering, and our experts are familiar with assessment of water hammer analysis for piping system.

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