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Quality Control

[ ISO 9001 ]

Quality control by monitoring specific project results is to check that they comply with defined quality standards and identifying ways to eliminate the cause of unsatisfactory results. The process is performed throughout the project and examined both product results (deliverable) and management results (cost and schedule performance). Depending on the nature of the project, tools and techniques such as control charting, diagrams and statistical sampling are used to focus management attention on areas where problems are more frequently occurring.

Quality in practice follows set guidelines and standards for all data gathering to ensure that the data and findings of all studies would be acceptable to an international peer review, as follows;

  • Data gathering – Quality check sheets are used to gather basic data to ensure a comprehensive and standardized base of information is used for each study;
  • Data mining – Recognized information sources are used to substantiate report specific information and technical details concerning projections, etc.
  • Site / Facility / Environmental parameter investigations – All original data gathered are carried out using accepted methodologies used for analysis;
  • Report preparation – All information referenced for draft review;
  • Report checking – All reports prepared in-house are passed through an internal audit and cold eye review prior to submission to the Client. In practice, this means at least three independent reviews are undertaken prior to release to the client.

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